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벽면 ID

Terraria Wiki
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Wall IDs[편집 | 원본 편집]

공기 0
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall 1
Dirt Wall.png Dirt Wall (자연) 2
Ebonstone Wall.png Ebonstone Wall (자연) 3
Wood Wall.png Wood Wall 4
Gray Brick Wall.png Gray Brick Wall 5
Red Brick Wall.png Red Brick Wall 6
Blue Brick Wall.png Blue Brick Wall (자연) 7
Green Brick Wall.png Green Brick Wall (자연) 8
Pink Brick Wall.png Pink Brick Wall (자연) 9
Gold Brick Wall.png Gold Brick Wall 10
Silver Brick Wall.png Silver Brick Wall 11
Copper Brick Wall.png Copper Brick Wall 12
Hellstone Brick Wall.png Hellstone Brick Wall (자연) 13
Obsidian Brick Wall.png Obsidian Brick Wall (자연) 14
Mud Wall.png Mud Wall (자연) 15
Dirt Wall.png Dirt Wall 16
Blue Brick Wall.png Blue Brick Wall 17
Green Brick Wall.png Green Brick Wall 18
Pink Brick Wall.png Pink Brick Wall 19
Obsidian Brick Wall.png Obsidian Brick Wall 20
Glass Wall.png Glass Wall 21
Pearlstone Brick Wall.png Pearlstone Brick Wall 22
Iridescent Brick Wall.png Iridescent Brick Wall 23
Mudstone Brick Wall.png Mudstone Brick Wall 24
Cobalt Brick Wall.png Cobalt Brick Wall 25
Mythril Brick Wall.png Mythril Brick Wall 26
Planked Wall.png Planked Wall 27
Pearlstone Wall.png Pearlstone Wall (자연) 28
Candy Cane Wall.png Candy Cane Wall 29
Green Candy Cane Wall.png Green Candy Cane Wall 30
Snow Brick Wall.png Snow Brick Wall 31
Adamantite Beam Wall.png Adamantite Beam Wall 32
Demonite Brick Wall.png Demonite Brick Wall 33
Sandstone Brick Wall.png Sandstone Brick Wall 34
Ebonstone Brick Wall.png Ebonstone Brick Wall 35
Red Stucco Wall.png Red Stucco Wall 36
Yellow Stucco Wall.png Yellow Stucco Wall 37
Green Stucco Wall.png Green Stucco Wall 38
Gray Stucco Wall.png Gray Stucco Wall 39
Snow Wall.png Snow Wall (자연) 40
Ebonwood Wall.png Ebonwood Wall 41
Rich Mahogany Wall.png Rich Mahogany Wall 42
Pearlwood Wall.png Pearlwood Wall 43
Rainbow Brick Wall.gif Rainbow Brick Wall 44
Tin Brick Wall.png Tin Brick Wall 45
Tungsten Brick Wall.png Tungsten Brick Wall 46
Platinum Brick Wall.png Platinum Brick Wall 47
Amethyst Wall.png Amethyst Wall (자연) 48
Topaz Wall.png Topaz Wall (자연) 49
Sapphire Wall.png Sapphire Wall (자연) 50
Emerald Wall.png Emerald Wall (자연) 51
Ruby Wall.png Ruby Wall (자연) 52
Diamond Wall.png Diamond Wall (자연) 53
Unique Cave Wall 1.png Unique Cave Wall 1 (자연) 54
Unique Cave Wall 2.png Unique Cave Wall 2 (자연) 55
Unique Cave Wall 3.png Unique Cave Wall 3 (자연) 56
Unique Cave Wall 4.png Unique Cave Wall 4 (자연) 57
Unique Cave Wall 5.png Unique Cave Wall 5 (자연) 58
파일:Cave Wall.png Cave Wall (자연) 59
파일:Leaves Wall.png Leaves Wall (자연) 60
Unique Cave Wall 6.png Unique Cave Wall 6 (자연) 61
Spider Wall.png Spider Wall (자연) 62
Grass Wall.png Grass Wall (자연) 63
Jungle Wall.png Jungle Wall (자연) 64
Flower Wall.png Flower Wall (자연) 65
Grass Wall.png Grass Wall 66
Jungle Wall.png Jungle Wall 67
Flower Wall.png Flower Wall 68
Corrupt Grass Wall.png Corrupt Grass Wall (자연) 69
Hallowed Grass Wall.png Hallowed Grass Wall (자연) 70
Ice Wall.png Ice Wall (자연) 71
Cactus Wall.png Cactus Wall 72
Cloud Wall.png Cloud Wall 73
Mushroom Wall.png Mushroom Wall 74
Bone Block Wall.png Bone Block Wall 75
Slime Block Wall.png Slime Block Wall 76
Flesh Block Wall.png Flesh Block Wall 77
Living Wood Wall.png Living Wood Wall 78
Obsidian Back Wall.png Obsidian Back Wall (자연) 79
Mushroom Wall.png Mushroom Wall (자연) 80
Crimson Grass Wall.png Crimson Grass Wall (자연) 81
Disc Wall.png Disc Wall 82
Crimstone Wall.png Crimstone Wall (자연) 83
Ice Brick Wall.png Ice Brick Wall 84
Shadewood Wall.png Shadewood Wall 85
Hive Wall.png Hive Wall (자연) 86
Lihzahrd Brick Wall.png Lihzahrd Brick Wall (자연) 87
Purple Stained Glass.png Purple Stained Glass 88
Yellow Stained Glass.png Yellow Stained Glass 89
Blue Stained Glass.png Blue Stained Glass 90
Green Stained Glass.png Green Stained Glass 91
Red Stained Glass.png Red Stained Glass 92
Multicolored Stained Glass.png Multicolored Stained Glass 93
Blue Slab Wall.png Blue Slab Wall (자연) 94
Blue Tiled Wall.png Blue Tiled Wall (자연) 95
Pink Slab Wall.png Pink Slab Wall (자연) 96
Pink Tiled Wall.png Pink Tiled Wall (자연) 97
Green Slab Wall.png Green Slab Wall (자연) 98
Green Tiled Wall.png Green Tiled Wall (자연) 99
Blue Slab Wall.png Blue Slab Wall 100
Blue Tiled Wall.png Blue Tiled Wall 101
Pink Slab Wall.png Pink Slab Wall 102
Pink Tiled Wall.png Pink Tiled Wall 103
Green Slab Wall.png Green Slab Wall 104
Green Tiled Wall.png Green Tiled Wall 105
Wooden Fence.png Wooden Fence 106
파일:Metal Fence.png Metal Fence 107
Hive Wall.png Hive Wall 108
Palladium Column Wall.png Palladium Column Wall 109
Bubblegum Block Wall.png Bubblegum Block Wall 110
Titanstone Block Wall.png Titanstone Block Wall 111
Lihzahrd Brick Wall.png Lihzahrd Brick Wall 112
Pumpkin Wall.png Pumpkin Wall 113
Hay Wall.png Hay Wall 114
Spooky Wood Wall.png Spooky Wood Wall 115
Christmas Tree Wallpaper.png Christmas Tree Wallpaper 116
Ornament Wallpaper.png Ornament Wallpaper 117
Candy Cane Wallpaper.png Candy Cane Wallpaper 118
Festive Wallpaper.png Festive Wallpaper 119
Stars Wallpaper.png Stars Wallpaper 120
Squiggles Wallpaper.png Squiggles Wallpaper 121
Snowflake Wallpaper.png Snowflake Wallpaper 122
Krampus Horn Wallpaper.png Krampus Horn Wallpaper 123
Bluegreen Wallpaper.png Bluegreen Wallpaper 124
Grinch Finger Wallpaper.png Grinch Finger Wallpaper 125
Fancy Gray Wallpaper.png Fancy Grey Wallpaper 126
Ice Floe Wallpaper.png Ice Floe Wallpaper 127
Music Wallpaper.png Music Wallpaper 128
Purple Rain Wallpaper.png Purple Rain Wallpaper 129
Rainbow Wallpaper.png Rainbow Wallpaper 130
Sparkle Stone Wallpaper.png Sparkle Stone Wallpaper 131
Starlit Heaven Wallpaper.png Starlit Heaven Wallpaper 132
Bubble Wallpaper.png Bubble Wallpaper 133
Copper Pipe Wallpaper.png Copper Pipe Wallpaper 134
Ducky Wallpaper.png Ducky Wallpaper 135
Waterfall Wall.png Waterfall Wall 136
Lavafall Wall.png Lavafall Wall 137
Ebonwood Fence.png Ebonwood Fence 138
Rich Mahogany Fence.png Rich Mahogany Fence 139
Pearlwood Fence.png Pearlwood Fence 140
Shadewood Fence.png Shadewood Fence 141
White Dynasty Wall.png White Dynasty Wall 142
Blue Dynasty Wall.png Blue Dynasty Wall 143
Arcane Rune Wall.png Arcane Rune Wall 144